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The management at apex saw that there was a need in the market for skilled tradesman who are able to offer service in special niche areas. That is why we have trained our staff in many specialty disciplines that are not offered by other companies. Below you will find a list of our specialty services.

High pressure plastic piping for domestic and process systems Does your building have large old leaking pipes. Often cast iron and steel piping has long served its purpose that is why we offer a wide range of pressure plastic systems that can replace the old system with something that will last twice as long with half the maintenance required.

Pneumatic piping systems

Looking to install a new compressor or even add an outlet in your shop or simply move an old control line look to APEX for most of your pneumatic needs.

Plastic welding and repair

Have you had plastic piping fail? Can't put it in the budget to replace it? Contact us about our wide range of plastic welding services.

Combustion analysis

We all know how hard it is to budget for utilities let us perform a combustion analysis on your heating equipment and see if we can optimize performance and cut down on utility cost. We use the latest in combustion analysis equipment.

Custom design build hydronic heating systems

APEX works closely with industry certified designers to come up with custom tailored solutions for your hot water heating needs.

Pipe / steam fitting

From prefabrication of steel pipe systems to the installation and service of steam heating systems, we have you covered.

Commercial refrigeration

The loss of a walk in cooler or freezer can be a very expensive touch for a business owner that is why we offer routine and emergency service for these products.

Gas fired kitchen equipment

Purchasing new equipment? Troubles with existing equipment? Let us handle the installation and service of your equipment, as we know this is an essential part of your business.