Picking a plumbing contractor

Monday, March 22, 2010

There are many questions to be asked when picking a plumbing contractor in Regina some of the most common Q & A's are listed bellow.

Q- Does the plumbing contractor fit my needs?

A- There are many differnt type of plumbers in Regina there are those who only do resedential and those who specialize in commercial and others who do both.  You should feel out your needs and see which on suite your project the best.

Q- Does my plumbing contractor have the right qualifications?

A- All Regina plumbers and plumbing contractors in Regina should have at minimum a city of Regina bussiness licences and have Journeyman plumber preforming the work.  All you need to do is ask the contractor who you have hired to produce the Journeyman ticket number for the person working at your place.  They should be able to do this with out any problem.  If you are having heating work done on a gas appliance, the regina plumber is requiered to have a Saskatchewan gas ticket and the contractor must have a Saskatchewan gas bond.  Any of the above tickets and bonds should be able to be produced without any trouble.  Ensure the your Regina plumbing contracto also has proof of insurance before starting any work major or minor.

Q- How do I know that the work I am getting is of a good quality?

A- Any contractor you hire should be able produce refferneces and contact information of satisfied customers.  Regina is a small city and word of mouth is a key referal tool for most plumbing contractos.  Ask around and dont be affraid to ask your plumbing contractor for refferences.

Q- How do I know the plumbing contractor will stand behind their work?

A- Ask your plumbing contractor before the work is started if they honur the product warranties and if they offer any additional warranty on their labour.  At minimum plumbers in Regina should be offering at least 30 days on their workmanship and standing behind all warranties on their product.


Thursday, February 04, 2010

If you are sick of waiting for hot water after the kids have showered.  You should consider installing a new tankless continuous flow water heater.  These heaters offer hot water constantly with out ever running out.  Plus while no one is at home your not wasting energy heating water that you are never going to use.  Contact the staff at APEX today and stop wating for your hot water.


Thursday, February 04, 2010

Did you know that by installing a programable thermostat you can save as much as 2% on your monthly heating bill.  Contact us today for information on getting your new energy star certified programable thermostat.